Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY: Resin Jewelry

I decided to do a bit of an experiment with resin. I added things that I've never tried before, and here are the results.

BUBBLES: If you mix your resin well and slow for about 3 minutes, then let it sit for about 3 minutes you shouldn't have very many bubbles at all. In fact, none of the pieces I made had bubbles...YAY! Usually I almost always have a few bubbles here and there, but I was patient this time and it paid off.

 I made these to look like diamonds or jewels. I am going to turn these into various pieces of jewelry like rings and pendants.

I added two different types of sprinkles to these pieces.

 I added dried flowers to these. I got the dried flowers at Michael's but they were on clearance, and I didn't see anymore so I suspect that they've been discontinued:( I also painted the backs of most of these a peach color using acylic paint, and I like the result.

 I added peppermints to these and used green and red glitter to cover the backs.

 And I added skittles to these and cover the backs with glitter as well.

These were very easy to make, and I can't wait to try more!

Have Fun!

Watch the tutorial:


  1. Replies
    1. I added the tutorial to the end of the post:)

  2. Awww! They're perfect! I must buy the resin :)

  3. I love them!!! Especially the flowers, they look like they were bought!!!

  4. How much was the resin kit? :)

  5. how much was for the resin?

  6. These are so cute and beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this resin DIY project. Gonna try to make one.

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