Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full English Breakfast

A full English breakfast complete with toast, fried eggs, baked beans, black pudding, vine tomatoes, bacon, sausage, and a mushroom. This was made completely from polymer clay.

You can turn this plate into a ring by gluing a ring base to back of the plate. Be sure to glue down each piece of food as well. This could also be made into a necklace. Or if you'd rather not make it into jewelry you can just add it to your collection.

Baked Beans
1.     Mix equal portions of ecru color (Premo) polymer clay & translucent.
2.     Roll the mixture into a thin strip, & cut small pieces which will be the beans
3.     Mix reddish brown & yellow ochre chalk with Fimo Deko Gel. This will be the baked beans sauce.
4.     Mix the sauce mixture with the beans, and set aside.

Vine Tomatoes

1.     Mix red and translucent polymer clay together.
2.     Roll out the mixture & cut small pieces, which will be the tomatoes.
3.     Use leaf green for the leaves. Cut small triangle shapes which will be the leaves. Add the leaves to the top of each tomato. Each tomato should have about 5 leaves.

Black Pudding
1.     Wrap a small log of brown clay in black clay.
2.     Close the seams.
3.     Roll the mixture to smooth the seam.
4.     Cut off the edge, and discard. Now cut even slices & texture with sandpaper.

1.     Mix a small amount of red with translucent for the raw sausage color.
2.     Roll out the mixture, and cut into thin pieces.
3.     Soften and smooth the edges.
4.     Shade the sausage with brown & black chalk. This will help the sausages look cooked.

1.     Mix translucent, ecru, and white for a mushroom color.
2.     Make two small caps, and use a ball tool to hollow the caps.
3.     Roll out thin strips and cut small stalks.
4.     Attach the stalks to the caps.

Fried Egg
1.     Mix white and translucent for the egg white.
2.     Mix yellow and a small amount of orange for the egg yolk.
3.     Add Fimo Deko Gel to the top of the egg yolk for a realistic look.

1.     Color mixtures: Yellow Mixture – Mix a small amount of yellow, and ecru with a larger amount of translucent. Light Red Mixture – Mix a small amount of red, yellow, and orange with a larger amount of translucent. Deep Red Mixture – Mix 1 part red clay with 2 parts translucent clay.
2.     Lay out a rectangular piece of the yellow clay.
3.     Add two pieces of the light red mixture to either side.
4.     Add a piece of the yellow mixture to fill the space between the light red mixture.
5.     Add a thin strip of the yellow mixture on top.
6.    Add another strip of the deep red mixture to the top of the slab.
7.     Now stretch the mixture but squeezing and pulling it.
8.    Cut a few strips. Texture them with a ball tool or a toothpick.
9.    Shade the strips with brown chalk to make them look cooked.

1.     Mix white, translucent, and a small amount of ecru for the bread loaf.
2.     Use a toothpick to create indents on either side of the loaf.
3.     Cover the loaf with yellow ochre, & brown chalk.
4.     Use sandpaper to texture the bread slice.
5.     Use a needle to texture the inside of the bread slice.