Friday, October 31, 2014

Watercolor Pencil Drawings!

So I got some watercolor pencils.. and here are my first attempts. I've got more practicing to do, but I'm so inspired! I love this new medium. Next, I'll try regular water colors. But for now these pencils are amazing :)

Also, the sketch pad is made for watercolors (the brand is Windpower Watercolor), and I got it at Sam Flax.. but you can find them almost anywhere.

I've gotten so excited I think I may make a video!

Well that is all.. Happy Halloween :)

The Little Supermarket - Shopping / Grocery Basket & Food in Miniature - Polymer Clay 1/12th Scale Tutorial

A miniature shopping basket I made of wire, with tiny groceries inside!

The miniature food printable is below : ) 

Follow along with the video tutorial below, or on my youtube channel :

Materials Used________________

Wire Form - Mesh Wire
White Cardstock Paper
Scotch Tape
Paper & Pen / Pencil
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire (22 gauge)
Wire Cutters
Exacto Knife / Blade
Clear Plastic Wrap
Drawing / Chalk Pastels
Acrylic Paint: Green - Red - Orange - Purple
Needle Tool
Ball Tool / Dotting Tool
White Gel Pen
Aluminum Foil
Tiny Rocks / Brown Craft Sand - Mixed into mini fake bread @ Hobby Lobby
Miniature Cattails - Mini fake plants / Moss
String / Twine

Polymer Clay Colors________________

You can find polymer clay at craft stores.

Cashews: Tan - White - Translucent Clay Mixture
Almonds: Tan - White - Light Yellow / Brown Clay Mixture
Carrots: Translucent Clay
English Muffins: Tan - Yellow - White - Translucent Clay Mixture
Raisins: Dark Purple Clay
Cherry Tomatoes: Red & Green Clay
Salad: Green, Deep Purple & Translucent Clay
Kale: Dark Green Clay
Salmon: Orange - Light Pink - Translucent Clay
Multigrain Bread: Brown - Yellow - Translucent Clay

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DIY : Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern Pumpkin : How To Make Salt Dough : Clay Recipe

Salt Dough / Clay Recipe:

2 Cups Flour
1 Cup Salt
3/4 Cup Water


Glass Bowls - Dollar Tree
Paint Brush - Dark Orange & Light Orange
Flameless Candles - Dollar Tree


Bake Pumpkins for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, or until dough is hard, and no longer moist.

Here is the video tutorial:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Miniature Water Bottles - UV Resin Magic Glos (Lisa Pavelka) Tutorial

I've been trying to make these mini water bottles for so long, and finally I'm finished!

Initially I used resin to make the bottles, but the resin reacted with the purple mold putty I was using and caused tons of unwanted bubbles. So, I switched to Magic-Glos (after months of going back and forth because of the cost).

Magic-Glos cures in sunlight or with a UV light. I found the Magic-Glos and the UV light at Hobby Lobby. I got the UV light for 1/2 off with the coupon, so YAY!

I added the labels for each bottle above. I made them in Photoshop for fun, so you're free to use them, share, and make your own :)

Have Fun!