Wednesday, December 25, 2013

White Castle : Miniature Fast Food Tutorial : Polymer Clay

Showing you how to make a miniature fast food meal with polymer clay. The drinks were made with Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, instead of resin. The miniature ice cubes are "vase filler." You can find vase filler at Micheal's or Joann's Fabrics.

Watch the video here:

Have Fun!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift Idea : Milk & Sugar Scrub : Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla : For Face, Hands & Body

Showing you how to make your very own sugar scrub that can be used on your hands, face, and body. These scrubs are great to make for yourself or you can give them as gifts.

You'll need:
Vanilla Extract
Strawberry Extract
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Pink Eyeshadow or Food Coloring
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Apricot Oil (Or any oil you have except, motor oil lol)
3 Jars or containers
Powdered Buttermilk
Spoon - to mix the scrub together
Templates - Made by me, you can download them all below :)


For the regular milk & sugar scrub I mixed sugar with about 2 tbls of milk powder. Then I added oil until it reached a consistency that I like. The oil helps to bind everything together, and acts as a moisturized while the sugar and milk exfoliate.

Powdered milk contains lactic acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acids help to remove dead skin cells while promoting cell renewal, softens skin, fades sun spots, freckles and scars.

I really like using these scrubs when I wash my hands because they get all the clay off, unlike soap. I was inspired by all the cute scrubs at Bath & Body Works & Victoria Secret Pink :)


For the Chocolate milk scrub I mixed brown sugar, white sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, and oil.

****You can use more or less oil. If you use less oil you'll have more of a powder scrub that you can add to body wash, or a facial cleanser. If you use more oil, you'll have a more traditional scrub that you can use alone. Both ways work great, so try them out and see which you type prefer :)

The type of oil you use is up to you. I chose Apricot Oil that I purchased at GNC for under $5.00. Apricot oil is very light, so its great for your face.

GNC also sell Sweet Almond Oil, which is my favorite, but it's also more expensive. I love almond oil because it has brightening effects when used consistently.... but it can be very greasy if you use too much. If you have eczema, I urge you to try the Sweet Almond Oil! It is the only thing that works when I feel that "itchy" eczema dry skin coming on!


The strawberry milk & sugar scrub is a mixture of white sugar, milk powder, and strawberry extract. To give the scrub some color, I added pink blush. Eyeshadow, or food coloring works well also.

I added more oil to the strawberry & and chocolate scrubs in the end. This darkened the color and made the scrubs easier to work with right out the jar. If you plan on mixing these scrubs in with a facial cleanser or body scrub you can add less oil.
Watch the video here:

Have Fun!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland - How To Make a Water Less Snow Globe Ornament - Miniature Trees

Showing you how to make a miniature water less snow globe!

I started by wrapping the base in polymer clay so the resin wouldn't leak out of the bottom. Since the base is made of metal it's fine to bake it with the polymer clay. If you use a base made from plastic, use air dry clay instead.

After the bases finished baking, and cooled off add air dry clay and glue to secure the trees in place. I then added paint to the bottom of some. I added resin mixed with white ink, to look like icy water, to the bottom of the bases.

I topped them off with fake snow from Hobby Lobby. You can find the fake snow and most of the other supplies in the miniature scenery/diorama/model train section of hobby lobby.

I glue the bases closed after adding the snow, then glued bezels on top. This will allow them to be attached to chain, string, ribbon, etc. And they can be made into ornaments, jewelry or other crafts.

Miniature Glass Domes:
Miniature Diorama Trees: Hobby Lobby
Miniature Trees with snow: Hobby Lobby
Fake Snow: Hobby Lobby
Resin: Micheal's or Hobby Lobby

Watch the video here:

Have Fun!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Instagram Cake - Modeling Clay Tutorial - Miniature

Polymer clay can be very expensive, especially for larger projects. So I decided to try modelling clay out. It comes in much larger packs for $3.00 / $4.00, so you get a lot of clay for the same price as a small block of polymer clay.

If you want to practice without wasting your preciouos polymer clay, try modeling clay. The different colors mix just like polymer clay, although the modeling clay is oilier, and gets stuck to your hands and working surface easily.

Here's the video:

Try it out for yourself!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Agenda - Planner - Stationery DIY - How To Make Your Own Agenda - Toni Ellison

I love Sanrio planners, agendas, and stationery. In Alaska, there's a Korean store called Morning Glory that I used to get all my writing supplies from, including planner refills.

Those planners inspired me to make this video tutorial, and the customized stationery sheets.

You're free to print, share, and use the stationery below!

Frozen Yogurt Unicorn

Boba Tea Kitty

Ice Cream Sundae Bear

 Cupcake Bear

Watch the tutorial below:

Have fun!  :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Miniature Salad - Lettuce, Tomatoe, & Cucumber (Canes) - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Miniature salads made with polymer clay :)

The lettuce is a mixture of different color greens and translucent color clay.

I used a ball tool that I found in a set at Hobby Lobby to texture the individual pieces.

Watch the tutorial here:

How To Make Miniature Bread Baskets

Showing you how to make miniature baskets, and cutting boards.
These baskets can be used to display polymer clay bread, pastries, and fruit :)

You'll need:

  • Glue (I'm using E600)
  • Skinny popsicle sticks
  • Wire cutters (to cut the popsicle sticks)
  • Suede, Leather, or Waxed cotton cord (to make the handles)
  • Neutral fabric to drape in the baskets
  • Wooden Circular Disks (mini cutting boards)
  • Wood Stain Marker in Early American

You can find all of these supplies at most craft stores.

Watch the video tutorial below :


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Miniature Strawberry Shortcake - Polymer Clay

Showing you how to make a miniature cake with polymer clay! The best part is I only used 3 colors.. red, green and tan! YAY!

Watch the video above to see!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Dessert Lip Gloss - Cupcake, Cake Pop, Ice Cream Sundae, & Donut

Miniature jars of lip gloss! The tops were made with polymer clay, and I found the miniature jars on Etsy :)

Watch the video tutorial on