Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift Idea : Milk & Sugar Scrub : Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla : For Face, Hands & Body

Showing you how to make your very own sugar scrub that can be used on your hands, face, and body. These scrubs are great to make for yourself or you can give them as gifts.

You'll need:
Vanilla Extract
Strawberry Extract
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Pink Eyeshadow or Food Coloring
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Apricot Oil (Or any oil you have except, motor oil lol)
3 Jars or containers
Powdered Buttermilk
Spoon - to mix the scrub together
Templates - Made by me, you can download them all below :)


For the regular milk & sugar scrub I mixed sugar with about 2 tbls of milk powder. Then I added oil until it reached a consistency that I like. The oil helps to bind everything together, and acts as a moisturized while the sugar and milk exfoliate.

Powdered milk contains lactic acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acids help to remove dead skin cells while promoting cell renewal, softens skin, fades sun spots, freckles and scars.

I really like using these scrubs when I wash my hands because they get all the clay off, unlike soap. I was inspired by all the cute scrubs at Bath & Body Works & Victoria Secret Pink :)


For the Chocolate milk scrub I mixed brown sugar, white sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, and oil.

****You can use more or less oil. If you use less oil you'll have more of a powder scrub that you can add to body wash, or a facial cleanser. If you use more oil, you'll have a more traditional scrub that you can use alone. Both ways work great, so try them out and see which you type prefer :)

The type of oil you use is up to you. I chose Apricot Oil that I purchased at GNC for under $5.00. Apricot oil is very light, so its great for your face.

GNC also sell Sweet Almond Oil, which is my favorite, but it's also more expensive. I love almond oil because it has brightening effects when used consistently.... but it can be very greasy if you use too much. If you have eczema, I urge you to try the Sweet Almond Oil! It is the only thing that works when I feel that "itchy" eczema dry skin coming on!


The strawberry milk & sugar scrub is a mixture of white sugar, milk powder, and strawberry extract. To give the scrub some color, I added pink blush. Eyeshadow, or food coloring works well also.

I added more oil to the strawberry & and chocolate scrubs in the end. This darkened the color and made the scrubs easier to work with right out the jar. If you plan on mixing these scrubs in with a facial cleanser or body scrub you can add less oil.
Watch the video here:

Have Fun!

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  1. hey Toni, I know this isn’t relevant to this particular tutorial, but can you please send me through the pages for the planner. I would really like to make it but my printer isn’t the best and so I will get them professionally printed. My email is Thanks again... And by the way this tutorial is amazing! I’m making it right now! So much fun... keep on being creative!!! :)

    1. Hi!! I'm so excited that you like the planner video, and I got the pages (in the video) professionally printed too! They look 100 times better with professional printers, so great idea!! I actually updated the planner post with the pages, so they should all be visible now. If you can't see them I'll be glad to send them to you, just let me know if the new post works for you! :D

  2. I made the strawberry one’s last night. They look amazing! thanks for the inspiration! You are an Amazing!!!!

    1. YAY!!! I'm so glad you liked them :) The strawberry is definitely the cutest!

  3. hey toni I jus luv yr videos...u're jus so awesome and creative..I was jus wondering if we could use buttermilk in liquid form for d scrubs

    1. That would be a not so good idea as the liquid milk can go off >_<

  4. What is the music in the tutorial?

  5. I tried this milk sugar body scrub and it is perfectly good to my skin. Love the video, it is more engaging than on the plain text.

  6. Can you use regular cocoa powder and no milk powder?

  7. Showing you how to make your very own sugar scrub that can be used ...

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  9. Hi Toni, I wanted to know if I use canola or vegetable oil instead of apricot oil, would it affect the smell or the effectiveness of the scrub? Also, switching out carnation nonfat dry milk for the buttermilk? If yes for the buttermilk, where do you get that?

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