Friday, December 6, 2013

Instagram Cake - Modeling Clay Tutorial - Miniature

Polymer clay can be very expensive, especially for larger projects. So I decided to try modelling clay out. It comes in much larger packs for $3.00 / $4.00, so you get a lot of clay for the same price as a small block of polymer clay.

If you want to practice without wasting your preciouos polymer clay, try modeling clay. The different colors mix just like polymer clay, although the modeling clay is oilier, and gets stuck to your hands and working surface easily.

Here's the video:

Try it out for yourself!


  1. Toni, you are one of the most talented and generous clay artist i´ve ever meet, and I can understand how is it possible that I didn´t even know your blog!!!! I am an old follower in your youtube channel and now I´,m following you here as well.
    Really in love whit your job, ♥ keep on! ♥

  2. Can you bake the modeling clay? I've seen some packages of modeling clay and it says do not bake and it doesn't harden.