Friday, October 17, 2014

Miniature Water Bottles - UV Resin Magic Glos (Lisa Pavelka) Tutorial

I've been trying to make these mini water bottles for so long, and finally I'm finished!

Initially I used resin to make the bottles, but the resin reacted with the purple mold putty I was using and caused tons of unwanted bubbles. So, I switched to Magic-Glos (after months of going back and forth because of the cost).

Magic-Glos cures in sunlight or with a UV light. I found the Magic-Glos and the UV light at Hobby Lobby. I got the UV light for 1/2 off with the coupon, so YAY!

I added the labels for each bottle above. I made them in Photoshop for fun, so you're free to use them, share, and make your own :)

Have Fun!


  1. Hello, Toni!
    It's a nice idea!
    Do you know, how minutes it cures in sunlight. I have not uv light...

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  3. Hi Toni,

    I didn't realize I was already a member, but I just found your tut on the water bottles and came to visit.
    I've been wanting bottles for a long time and always wondered how they were made and thanks to you, now I know.

    Now to see if I can find all the materials you used to make the molds, etc...

    Thank you for sharing this great tutorial.

  4. Toni , you are truly amazing. I am a big big fan of you. I hope I would have some nice oloured clays soIcould make all you have made <3 Greetings from Finland!

  5. This is truly amazing!! I am going to give the water bottles a try!! Wish me luck. I am not as good as you are with molding. Really good work!

  6. Hello
    Petroleum jelly is very usefull if you want to remplace magic glos by resin
    Thank you your video are very intersting!
    Kiss from France...🎈

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your materials and ideas. I know I truly appreciate it.

  8. Hi Toni ..
    How can I take templates for bottles?

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  10. I was wondering about the sizes of the bottles you made. I planned to design in photoshop first before i move ahead toward final product.

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  14. How do you down load your labels ? By the was great idea