Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In N Out in Miniature - Double Double, Cheeseburger, Fries & Milkshake

I tried In-N-Out while I was in California visiting family, and I loved it! It didn't taste like the average "fast food" burger and fries. They use cut fresh potatoes, rather than frozen... Everything was fresh and greasy! Hehe :)

This is what I was greeted by after ordering... I posted a pic on Instagram 

 So, of course I was inspired to make a miniature version.



Templates :
Cup (Printed on Cardstock)
Double Double Burger  (Tissue Paper)
Cheeseburger (Tissue Paper)
Fry Container (Cardstock)
Tray Liner (Printer Paper)
In & Out Burger Paper Bag (Printer Paper)

Polymer Clay - Tan, Translucent, White, Bright Green, Red, Brown
Chalk Pastels - Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black

I started by making the templates in Photoshop. Their basically made up of a bunch of lines and shapes, and of course the In-N-Out Logo, and palm trees.

 Feel free to use and share them :) 

Resizing the templates:
Just copy and paste the templates into a document (Microsoft Word, or Text Edit), then resize them (scaling them to a smaller size). In the video I show the scale I used if you'd like to know, but print a test page with various sizes of each template. I always do this to ensure I'm using the best size for me. Yours can be larger or smaller than mine. In doll terms, this is probably closer to ball joint doll, or maybe a barbie.

Baking the Burgers & Using 3D Paint / Puffy Paint :

I used 3D paint to make the sauce, cheese, and milkshake in the tutorial. 3D paint is the same thing as Fabric paint, Puffy paint, or any dimensional paint. If you use dimensional magic bake the clay first, then add the dimensional magic.

Be sure to let the paint dry fully on the burger before you bake.  Baking it beforehand will cause bubbles.

If you have any questions send me a message on Instagram or Twitter ( @toniellison )

Send me pics if you try this (or any other) tutorial out!