Friday, May 17, 2013

Cup Ramen From Another Country


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I copy and pasted the cup ramen containers into a Word document so I could resize them (this is how I made them smaller).
Print out the labels, and cut them out. Be sure to cut around the tab on the edge. This is where you’ll put the glue.
I used E600 glue to close the containers. Mini binder clips help to keep them closed while the glue dries.
Make sure the glue has dried fully before continuing on. If you don’t they might break open.
Fill the cups about ¾ the way up with translucent clay. I used a ball tool to press the clay down, but you can also use a pencil eraser or your finger.

Mix equal parts of translucent and white polymer clay to make the noodles. I also mixed in a tiny amount of tan clay. It should be mainly a clear/white color.
Roll out the clay into a thin sheet. Use a blade to slice thin noodles.
Krinkle the noodles together like ribbons (so they’ll look realistic) and place them in the cups until it’s almost full, but not quite. You’ll need space for the toppings and broth.

To make the imitation crabmeat I used the same noodle color and dusted it with red and orange chalk. Then I cut them into small chunks and used my blade to create grains in the meat.
For the scrambled eggs I mixed yellow and translucent clay together. Pick the clay apart and add it to the top of the cup ramen.
Use plain FIMO Deko Gel for the broth. Just add it to the top. Be sure to pop any air bubbles and let the gel settle before you bake.

I used a blade to cut a down a Popsicle stick into the mini chopsticks. Be careful here because you could hurt yourself! Cut DOWN and AWAY from your fingers! Ok…be safe J
Use a headpin to make a stand for the chopsticks. Form a small u shape with pliers and glue it to the chopsticks. (Stick the chopsticks together first with a dab of glue.)
Trim down the end of the headpin so its not too tall. Insert the headpin into the center of the cup, and add noodles to cover the headpin and glue.

You can use the same scrambled egg color for the corn.
Use any bright red clay for the tomato color, and mix translucent, brown, and red together to make the beef color.
Use the same orange and red chalk to mix in with FIMO Deko gel for the broth. You only need a small amount of chalk.

I mixed yellow and orange chalk together with FIMO Deko gel for the broth.
Mix translucent, white and a small amount of tan clay together for the potatoes. Mix orange and translucent clay for the carrots.

I baked them all for 25 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

I used Triple Thick glaze for the top because it’s so shiny. It makes them look wet, like real soup.

Fold down the top of the cups edges with your fingers. You want it to be slightly rounded. This small step make the cups look so much more realistic so take your times and make sure your hands are clean because any dirt will rub off onto the edges.


  1. Glad you are back! Missed your videos. :)

  2. What heights should the image if labels be? PLEASE respond ASAP. :)