Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coffee To Go - Polymer Clay, Resin, Shrinky Dink

Coffee To Go! - Showing you how to make miniature coffee cups, lids, croissants, cupcakes, and muffins using polymer clay, Cardstock paper, and Shrinky Dink (or clear shrink plastic).

Below are the templates:

CLEAR CUPS: To make the clear cups I used Shrinky Dink, which is plastic that shrinks when heated. It comes in clear sheets (like see through paper), and you can find it at hobby stores. I just searched for shrink plastic in my area and found some at hobby lobby. Do your research first!

Its important to use Cardstock paper for the cups, but printer paper is fine for the bags.

Each template was designed by myself in Photoshop, and are posted here for everyone to use, so enjoy!


  1. hi i really love your stuff its so cute.where do you get those templates from because i want to make my own.

  2. sorry (LOL)i got an idea can you make some sloppy joes,soul food and mozzarella sticks.please and bye.

  3. Can you do a McDonald's food how to

  4. Brilliant! Can you make a tutorial on Shrinky Dink glasses?