Monday, January 27, 2014

Miniature Oreo Sundae - Baskin Robbins Tutorial

I decided to make a ton of "candy" sundaes from Baskin Robbins.. All in miniature of course! :) 

I made 4 in total, and decided not to make them all into videos because the look very similar (lots of browns, yellows, etc)

The Oreo sundae will be the first, and then 2 more videos will follow.

NOTE: It's best to use Air Dry Clay when making these because the cups are plastic. If you use polymer clay, back the ingredients (ice cream, cookies, and whipped cream) beforehand. The Dimensional magic used for the sauce doesn't need to be baked because it dries hard on it's own in about 2-3 hours.

CUPS: The ice cream cups are simply communion cups that you can find at a local Christian Bookstore or online. You can also use plastic shot glasses (Party City has tons), or mini plastic cups (Found some of those are Dollar Tree).

I hope you try it out & Have Fun!!