Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Alice in Wonderland themed necklace!

So first I made the pendant with the tiny illustration. I used a bezel from Hobby Lobby, and  a random illustration I found here after searching for "alice in wonderland illustration." You can use any illustration you like, but I chose this one.

I used Dimensional Magic by Mod Podge to make the picture glossy. Don't forget to seal the picture first with any clear glue so the illustration won't change colors. This is a very important step.

To make the drink me bottle I used a miniature bottle from Michaels (but you can also find these on Ebay, at Hobby Lobby or Joann's Fabric). I filled the bottle with clear glue, and a tiny bit of blue food coloring.

I made the label by typing out "Drink Me" in size 8 font. I printed out the word, and cut it into a tag like shape. To make the hole for the string I used a needle.
This makes a really cute necklace:)

Enjoy & Make Your Own!

Watch the tutorial below:D


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  1. I LOVE your work! You are so talented and my goal is to be as good as you someday :) Can you please make an Eat me box with clay cakes in it to go with the Drink me bottle? I love Alice in Wonderland and I'm so happy you did this!