Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Miniature Clay Cupcakes & Cupcake Mold

Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to make in miniature, and one of may favorite things to eat.

I posted a charm update this past weekend on my Youtube channel, and the #1 request was a cupcake tutorial so here it is!

I made the cupcake bases by pressing translucent clay into a cupcake mold.

Not just any cupcake mold. I have purchased nearly 10 cupcake molds from Etsy never to be satisfied so I set out to make my own. One year later and I'm very happy with the result.

I love this mold because I can bake the clay while it's in the mold. Once it's baked and cooled, I popped the cupcake base out (very easily, because the mold is flexible). Then I mixed translucent clay with a small amount of tan clay. To color the cupcake tops, I used dark yellow, and light orange chalk pastels. Using a paint brush, I dusted the edges with color.

I used sandpaper (Resin grit from Home Depot, or any hardware store) to texture the top.

To make the cupcake bases look "realistic" I painted them with a mixture of white, yellow, orange, and brown acrylic paint. Then baked the entire cupcake again. (NO, it won't burn as long as you bake it at a lower temperature)

To make it into a charm I trimmed the headpin, then used round nose pliers to create a loop, or circle.

Here are more cupcakes I made with this same mold:

Have Fun & Make Your Own!

Watch the video tutorial below:


  1. Wow, Oh my god... That look like true cupcake! :O Amazing! Of who material is that form? :D

  2. Hey Toni! Where did you get your clay "icing" pusher thingy? :)

  3. Wait....is that your etsy shop???

  4. AHHHHHH so cuteeeeee! i want them all.

  5. These cupcakes look so realistic! Can you do a tutorial on how you made the cupcake molds? Also, I noticed in some videos you use liquid clay and chalk pastels to make frosting and others you use acrylic paint. Do you have a preference?

    Thanks for all the inspiration! I'm one of your newest followers!

  6. I love your tutorials on youtube ! <3 I invite to mnie :D

  7. Hey Toni, I really really like your blog & your videos, where did you get your ideas for your jewelry? And: What's clay? I am sorry, I am an Austrian girl and if you translate clay in German, it's something, which leaks from a tree where the tree is wounded..? Is it something like this? Because of your videos I ordered glass bottles from China :) So, can you do some more videos of potions from Harry Potter like phoenix tears or do you know "the Host" from Stephenie Meyer? If yes, then you can do some doctor's stuff - it would be great!
    Greetings from Austria,
    Coco ♥

  8. Hey Toni, I saw your new video on youtube - you really made Phoenix Tears!! I know now what clay is ;) It's called "Fimo", same as the brand Fimo in German (:

    So, I hope you are forever creative ;)

    Coco ♥

    Before I forget: You can glue some wings - like unicorn wings - at the bottle or what about glueing witch's hats on the top?
    :D xx

  9. you are so talented , i hope that you can come and check out my blog :)

  10. Hey Toni , I was wondering what camera you use & how much it was I need a really good camera but havent been able to find one .

  11. How did you make your mold? And what did you make it out of?

  12. You made the sweetest cupcakes I have ever seen. They looks so realistic and they are very tiny. I love your blog.