Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Butterbeer : Harry Potter Potion Ep. # 4

Ok..another non-potion, but still fun. I made this one using the same clear Elmer's glue as I used in the Lumos "episode." I mixed the glue with yellow, brown, & white chalk for the color, and did it vigorously enough so there would be bubbles (or froth) at the top:)

I   U S E D :

Color Chalk (From Hobby Lobby, but you can also get them from Wal-Mart) : Brown, Yellow, & White

20 Gauge Gold wire & A gold jumpring


Clear Elmer's Glue (From Joann's Fabric)

Miniature Bottle (From Michael's)

Miniature Butterbeer Label :
I did a Google image search for a Butterbeer label, and came a cross this one with a Hogwart's Crest. I don't remember the site, or else I would link it here, but I'm sure you can find the same one with a little persistence though. Make it very small, and print out a few so you can have some extras, and make them in a few sizes in case one is too small or too large.

I'll be uploading another video right after this one:)

As always have fun!



    i believe this is the link!

  2. Thank you so much for the potions DIY thing... their awesome and fun to make