Friday, April 13, 2012

Gillyweed : Harry Potter Potion Ep. # 7

So it's time for Harry Potter again! And this one is Gillyweed. A plant similar to seaweed that will allow a wizard to grow gills, webbing fingers, and toes.

Being the Harry Potter lover that I am, I have to admit I never thought of doing this one, but it was requested several times. So I rummaged through my craft room and came up with this. I am in love with this necklace although it needs to be on a much longer chain. It looks amazing in person, and I'm completely surprised at the result! In person it reminds me of a terrarium/aquarium.

Also, I photographed this right before I took my little sister & cousin to the fair. They saw the necklace and forced me to let them participate, so I let my cousin photograph, and my sister model....i.e. the girl pictured is not me:)

M A T E R I A L S:

1. Miniature Bottles / Corked Vials ( Jim Holtz Ideology Michael's Craft Store)
2. Elmer's Clear Glue
3. Yellow & Green Food Coloring
4. Lichen (From Hobby Lobby) or Grass from your backyard
5. Miniature Rocks (Hobby Lobby)
6. Mixing Cup
7. Toothpick
8. Wire Cutters or Nail Clippers
9. 20 Gauge wire
10. Round Nose Pliers
11. Jump Ring
12. Necklace
13. Strong Glue (E600)

 Well enjoy & watch the video on my Youtube page if you'd like to make your own!



  1. Would you be willing to sell one of these? How much? :)

  2. What kind of glue I can use? I cant find in my country elmer's clear glue