Monday, April 2, 2012

Starbucks Coffee & Drinks

There are about five drinks that I order at Starbucks, and I've made them into charms. I'm eventually going to make the French Roast Coffee cup into a necklace and layer it with a few other of my favorite necklaces:D

C O L O R S    I     U S E D :
Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino : Red FIMO, Translucent, & White

Coffee : White, Dark Brown

Lemonade : FIMO Glow-In-The-Dark & FIMO Translucent White (For the Ice)

Mocha Frappuccino : Ecru, & Brown 

Green Tea Frappuccino : Translucent Green & White

S T R A W S :
I rolled out a strip of green clay, and baked it. Then I cut then into small (1/2 inch) strips to place in each drink. Use a needle to make a hole for the straw to be placed in. I secured the straws with Translucent Liquid Sculpey, but you can also use a strong glue.

M I N I    S T A R B U C K S    L O G O :
To make the miniature Starbucks logo, I did a simple Google image search for a "starbucks logo," then copied it into a word document & made it small enough to fit on a miniature cup. I had to try a few sizes before I found one that was the right size.

W H I P P E D    C R E A M :
I used Pluffy clay in white for the whipped cream & a #14 star cake decorating tip. I put some of the Pluffy into the tip, and used the end of a paintbrush to push out the clay. I then added it to the top of the drink, and used Translucent Liquid Sculpey for extra strength.

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Starbucks Tutorial Below:


  1. Your minis are awesome. I left you a request for contact information on your facebook page if you would like to possibly sell some of your charms.