Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lumos : Harry Potter Potion Ep. # 3

Potion #3 isn't actually a potion, it's a spell called Lumos. It creates light at the end of the caster's wand!

M A T E R I A L S :

Bottle : Ideology - Michael's

E600 Glue (To glue on the cork top)

Elmer's Clear Glue (To fill the bottle & To replace the resin)

Martha Stewart Glitter in STERLING & CRYSTAL FINE

20 Gauge wire : I wrapped the wire around the neck of the bottle about two full times, then tuned the end into an "eye-pin." This is a great solution for bottles that don't have eye-pins going through the top/cork.

Miniature "Lumos" Label : I typed out the word lumos in a word document (in very small font) & added a little Hogwarts Crest to the top. I then cut out the label & burned the edges with a lighter. Be careful with this part because the label will burn quickly!

Have fun!


  1. how can i not make the glitter sink

  2. I would love to know that too, how do you stop the glitter from sinking?